Paperback Writer

For the way it integrates the tasks of taking photos, sending emails, texting, listening to music or podcasts, web browsing–and of course, making calls–saying that the smartphone is a remarkable piece of technology seems understated. To date, all the photos on this blog have been taken on my iPhone 4G. While I’m yet to post via it, I have downloaded the WordPress app that allows me to update from virtually anywhere.

Still, I use books. As piece of information technology, the two thousand year old codex is also remarkably successful. While the vast majority of my colleagues at work own smartphones, they still prefer to take notes, make drawings, and work through ideas by putting a pen to paper. Will we be the last generation still using this antiquated method, or are there still instances in which the book is the superior form?

See below the construction process of the back-pocket paperback I like to carry around with me for those instances when I feel something is better put down on paper.


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