Guillotine – Part II

When we last left the guillotine, I had only managed to remove the adjustable horizontal guide. Next, I completely removed the all-thread running below the track of the machine bed. When working, one is able to move the horizontal guide by spinning a wheel which turns the thread, pulling or pushing the guide along the track running down the center of the bed. Unfortunately, the horizontal guide mount had rusted into place inside the track. After removing the thread, I hammered out the horizontal guide mount using a rubber mallet.

After many scrubbings with WD40 and careful filing with a file, I was able to remove the grime and rust which had built up on the bed and inside the track.
Once I was able to slide the horizontal guide mount along the entire length of the track, reassembled the machine, screwing in the all-thread, and remounting the horizontal guide. While the blade still needs to be cleaned up and sharpened, the guillotine works!

A working guillotine!

Everything now moves beautifully and squeak-free!

The next challenge for the Challenge was to move it. This, it turned out, was not trivial.

I don’t have a number to offer you because I don’t have a scale that this thing wouldn’t destroy. But I can tell you this much: it’s heavy enough that no mere mortal could ever lift it, but light enough that two guys could be dumb enough to kill themselves trying. To get it onto the truck, I employed the help of my twin brother, my uncle, and a friend. You can see that the base is a separate component (light enough that one person can carry it alone).

Much thanks to Matt, Jeff, and Andy for help getting it into the bed!

My uncle was very happy to see me haul this away in his pickup.

Just getting to my place offered its own difficulties. My brother drove my uncle’s truck while I followed in his Volvo. My brother likes to wait until the absolute last minute to put gas in his car, and apparently had been driving with the fuel light on for the last couple days. This resulted in me running out of gas 4 minutes into the 8 minute drive from my uncle’s house to mine…*sigh*

Upon arrival, we unloaded the guillotine using a pair of wooden fence posts a la the arc of the covenant.

It took three of us to move it in from the driveway and onto my property. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a clear path to get it all the way into the workshop. Since I don’t think I’ll be cutting down the tree that prevented route number one, my current plan is to build a ramp and get a bunch of guys to help me carry it up and around the hill in the back. Either that, or build a crane. Until then, this is where it’s sitting.

Even with a dull blade, it cuts through phone books just fine!

Even with a dull blade, it cuts through phone books just fine!

Fortunately, it is possible to work outside in California winters.


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