Guillotine – Part III

Last time I posted about the guillotine, it was sitting outside in my back yard. Unfortunately, this wasn’t much of an improvement from it sitting outside in my uncle’s front yard.

I briefly entertained ideas of pulleys, levers, ramps and logs for moving the fully assembled behemoth around a hill and into the workshop. A couple sketches of Ancient Egyptian-esque cranes later, and I realized the absurdity of that approach. I was stumped until one day when I was talking to Elias. He said, “You know, those things aren’t too difficult to take apart…”

And so it began.

Once the bolts were out, the top spins right out with the wheel.

There’s the blade! I need to take it to Santa Barbara Saw to be sharpened.

After day 1, a few components made it into the workshop to keep the book press company.

One significant challenge was removing the pins which were held in place by the E-rings, shown above. (Note: E-rings are also known as “Jesus rings”, for the way they inspire people to invoke the name of the Lord when they fly across the room when they snap-off the pin.)

Looks like I’m making progress!

Now the base is still sitting outside, covered by a tarp, but it’s something that can easily be rotated and moved by two people. If I wanted to move the guillotine into the workshop and begin reassembling it today, I could. There are two reasons why I don’t want to do this:

1) I think it would be awesome to repaint each piece before reassembling. My plan is to remove the old paint, clean up the rusty parts with rustoleum, and then seal it all up with a new coat of paint. If anyone has any advice, please comment!

2) My landlord sold the property and gave me my 30 days eviction notice last week. Such is life.


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