i madonnari 2012

If you haven’t had a chance to see it this year, I would encourage anyone in Santa Barbara to head to the mission ASAP to see the chalk drawings from this year’s I Madonnari Festival before they fade away. Here’s a peak of some drawings soon after they were finished on Monday:





Phosphoric Acid

I’ve been experimenting with phosphoric acid as a rust remover and as a tool for coloring the steel. Here are some photos of the bed of the guillotine after some phosphoric acid treatment.





I may do some more washing and scraping to see if I can get all the way down to the steel, but I am enjoying the colors that have emerged thus far.

Also, since phosphoric acid is an ingredient in Coca cola, a can of it can come in handy if you need to remove some rusted screws.


As I continue to scrape away old paint and grime on the old guillotine I find all kinds of numbers pounded into the steel, including the serial number (H13487). Armed with the powers of the internet I was able to track down some info about the machine from Challenge Machinery, including an instruction manual.


What do you know? It looks like Helvetica was popular in 1968 too 😉