Forgetting the stories I’ve told

Forgetting the stories I've told

Some days, putting away type feels like a chore; other days, it’s a meditation, a welcome separation from the rest of the things that clutter the mind and heart. All the little words, little sentences, melt away from the stories they told. One at a time, tiny lead forms drop into their slots, waiting to be a part of words for someone else’s poem. For this hour or two, I’ll forget the world, its etiquettes, and the stories I’ve told, and simply mind my p’s and q’s.


The book press is finished!

Finally, I’ve finished fixing up the book press. You may remember her condition from this post back in January.

Here’s what she looked like then:


And after much experimenting with WD40, citrus based cleaners, rustoleum, and phosphoric acid, here’s what she looks like today, covered in two coats of clear satin polyurethane:


First paid letterpress gig

Last week I was offered my first paid gig as a bookmaker. My brother Ben (one of the duo that makes up SheltonFilms) needed a book prop for a shoot last Saturday.

If you ever find yourself needing to do the same, this is my process:

1. Purchase a cheap book from a thrift store, library, or used book store. Using wheat paste to loosen the glue, rip off the cover and end sheets.


2. Make some new end sheets, and tip these in using PVA. Masking with painters tape before adding glue helps keep things tidy.



3. Print a new cover on book cloth. This is off of the lockup featured last week.


4. Wrap book cloth over old cover, glue to end sheets, and press!





I’ve been gone for awhile. I’m sorry 😦

But now that I’m back, I want to share a significant development in my journey with the guillotine: I have found it a home!

The Challenge paper cutter will be housed in the printshop in the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara. I’m currently storing it in the sculpture yard while I finish the restoration.


I will continue to own the guillotine, and I will be responsible for maintaining it, but now it will be in a place were people can use it. And that last part makes me happier than anything else 🙂

Wearing Watercolor Paintings

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On Friday night, I saw Watercolor Paintings perform at the Biko Garage in Isla Vista. Watercolor Paintings is made up of the sister-brother duo Rebecca and Josh Redman. I’m not a music critic so I’m not going to try to describe what their “sound” is (especially since you can just click the link), but I … Continue reading